Jon Sargood


Profile on the Chairman

Jon Sargood joined Rescuetech in 2012 and holds the position of Chairman. He is also an active operational member having responded to more than 20 rescues to date. As a career pilot Jon has specialised in human factors training for pilots and has used this knowledge and experience to further improve the operating systems of the unit. In particular he redesigned the Rescuetech Standard Operating Procedures introducing communication, risk assessment and situational awareness systems that help to maintain the high levels of discipline and professionalism that the unit is renowned for. He has more than 30 years of mountaineering and rock climbing experience and has climbed all over the world including expeditions to the Southern and Northern Andes, European Alps, Canada and big wall climbing in Yosemite and the Italian Dolomites amongst others.

Full Time Occupation: Pilot

Position in Rescuetech: Chairman and Operational member

Qualifications: Airline Pilots Licence

G1 Flight Instructor

Civil Aviation Authority Designated Examiner

Test Pilot Rating

RTE Examiner

Intermediate Rope Technician

First Aid Level 3

Wilderness Emergency Medicine Certificate