Mark Basson

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Profile on our new OPS Commander

Mark Basson has been involved in EMS industry for almost 10 years, starting as a volunteer fire fighter, then volunteering on ambulances to get medical experience. Mark did his medical qualifications up to AEA/ILS level and working on the road. While working on the ambulance, his interest in all forms of rescue took hold and he has been trying ever since to broaden his knowledge on all forms of rescue and the medical aspect that goes along with it. Before joining Rescuetech he was a senior fire fighter at RBM (Richard bay minerals), He was also the shift paramedic. In 2013 he joined Rescuetech as one of the rescue medics for the unit. In the time he has been with Rescuetech he has taken up the role of training coordinator and ensured that training is now done according to rope rescue unit standards. Also in this time he has expanded his medical experience into the tactical environment, doing courses like FPOS-I (first person on scene- intermediate) and MIRA (medicine in remote areas). Just recently he has been appointed as a member of ER24 ERT (emergency response team). Mark is a Wilderness emergency medicine instructor (wilderness rescue). In 2013 he was nominated for the Centrum Guardian award, for his role in assisting a driver in a runaway truck incident.

Full Time Occupation: 

Position in Rescuetech: Unit Commander, Training Officer

Qualifications: AEA
ITLS (advanced)
Aviation for Healthcare Providers
BLS for Healthcare Providers
Confined Space Rescue
Vehicle Extrication
Emergency Vehicle Defensive Driving
Advanced Industrial and Structural Fire Fighting
Working at Heights and Rescue
Wilderness Emergency Medicine
Health and Safety
MIRA (Medicine In Remote Areas)
FPOSI-I (First Person On Scene)


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