Nicholas Holmes


Profile on the Vice Commander

Nicholas Holmes is a full time Radio Frequency Engineer in the field of mining communications and safety systems. Joining Vema HAR in 2009, he was one of the founding members of Rescuetech when the High Angle Rescue unit was disbanded, having worked his way through the unit to become the second in command in 2014 and then interim unit commander in 2015. Nicholas is also the units media liaison and is the person to get hold of for any incident related information. Nicholas was nominated for the 2013 Centrum Guardian awards as part of Team Brave, who were selected as one of the finalists for their 8 hour rescue of a fallen firefighter during a wild fire.

Full time occupation: Engineer

Position in Rescuetech: Second in Command/Vice commander and Communications Officer

Qualifications: BTech Engineering

                                First Aid Level 3

                                Swift Water Rescue

                                Intermediate rope rescue

                                Advanced driver training

                               Advanced off-road driving and recovery techniques

                               Helicopter rescue certified (hoist and long line)


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